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5 years ago

Using maven plugin with GitLab - dependencies could not be resolved

Hi. I've been having some difficulties setting up my SoapUI test in Gitlab pipeline. At first I was successful getting them to run in principle. By now I added my real tests into the project and g...
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    5 years ago

    If anyone is facing something similar then my problem, as it turned out, was that Gitlab runner didn't have permission to access the postgres database. It did get the driver, but couldn't connect due to security settings.

    Anyhow I still had problems with oracle driver, since it's not publically in smartbear repo. What I did is that I added the driver locally with the help of this tutorial:

    So in the end my pom looked something like this:


            <name>In Project Repo</name>



    groupId, artifactId and version (also folder names and jar, pom files, of course) named like the tutorial said.