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3 years ago

Unable to load https wsdl

When I try to create a new SOAP project and feed it a WSDL with an https URL (e.g. https://server/path/webservice?wsdl), the WSDL loads fine, but SoapUI tries to load related XSD files with the http ...
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    3 years ago

    Sorry, Rich. I was trying to avoid unnecessary details so the problem was clear, but it seems I withheld too much.


    My organization hosts many web services. Rather than having to e-mail the WSDLs and XSDs to those who want to build clients for these services, we enabled the "?wsdl" feature within those services so all folks need is the web service endpoint and then they can pull down the necessary information themselves; however, since the server enforces https, people reported they were unable to create SoapUI projects as I've described, so I tried it myself and confirmed the issue.


    Once they have the XSD(s) (via e-mail or whatever), they are able to build their web service clients and they work fine. But while building these clients, it's common for people to use SoapUI for comprehension and troubleshooting. And SoapUI's New SOAP Project functionality can't create a new project based on a WSDL URL using the https protocol, as it tries to load the associated XSDs using the http protocol and fails. Perhaps this is just a SoapUI bug, but if there's a SoapUI setting that will get around it, or if there's some change I can make to the WSDLs that will make SoapUI behave, I'd like to know.


    The particular web service I tested just has the 1 related XSD file, and as shown previously, the include location in the WSDL is just the XSD's filename, as the XSD and the WSDL are in the same folder, so there are no absolute URLs (with protocol, etc.) in the WSDL (other than all the namespaces, which don't count). That leads me to believe it might be a SoapUI bug, but if it is, my Google searches haven't found anyone else mentioning it.