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8 years ago

Two-way SSL for REST



Tried unsuccessfully to get two-way SSL to work with the latest version of SoapUI (5.3.0).

Followed this guide:


I have a SSL key pair stored in a pfx with a password.

The keystore is referred to in SoapUI settings and the password added there. "Requires client authentication" checkbox selected.


I'm verifying using an openssl server that the client doesn't provide a certificate:

4294956672:error:140890C7:SSL routines:ssl3_get_client_certificate:peer did not return a certificate:s3_srvr.c:3296:

SoapUI says " Software caused connection abort: recv failed"

Testing with a browser against the same server prompts me to provide the certificate and the same pfx works in the browser.


Am I missing something or is something broken in this version? I'm pretty sure I did exactly this in SoapUI a few years back.

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    Btw, SoapUI logs says upon startup:

    2017-04-19 14:08:05,717 ERROR [errorlog] java.lang.NullPointerException