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6 years ago

SSO connection using Kerberos



I've been trying to use Single Sign On Kerberos through SoapUI. I've been through a lot of forums and topics about it and I can't seem to find any successful. I'mkind of new to soapUI and I'm finally coming here to have feedback of the community :)


The two main solutions I tried are the following :


1. Add a new authorization SPNEGO/Kerberos tomy soap request and enter the credentials. The issue I have is that the request has a header containing locale (for the language), username and password. When I try to use kerberos in the request directly, whether the request fails because I leave the username and password blank in the header and just fill them in in the added Kerberos authorization thushaving a response telling me that I entered bad username or password, or the request is filled in with the authentification informations and uses them (so no sso connection). 


The header goes as follows : 

<soap:Envelope ...>



2.I begin my test suite with an HTTP request using kerberos and having my wsdl as an endpoint. The system seems to take my authorizations information but I get an xml parsing error and I don't know why. I'm joining the HTTP request as a screenshot. And here is the response I get : 


<soap12:Envelope xmlns:soap12="">
            <soap12:Text xml:lang="">gw.xml.XmlException: Unable to parse XML from input stream at line 1 column 1</soap12:Text>

If that can ehlp, I'm working with Guidewire exposed webservices. 


I hope I gave enough information


Many thanks in advance 

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