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4 years ago

SSL keystore not working through Test Step Property but working through global preferences

I'm new to SOAPUI. I'm trying to run a Test Case with 30 Test Steps. 10 Test Steps have a different SSL certificate and 20 have a different SSL certificate.

Issue is I've to change SSL certificate at global preferences each time I execute a different SSL related Test Step. 

I tried setting the SSL keystore in Test Step Properties but it is not working

I'm setting the key store as follows

1. set certificate1 and certificate2 with password in Project --> WS-Security Configurations --> keystores. 

2. Set the appropriate certificate in the TestRequest Properties --> SSL keystores

3. If I execute the test step then I get handshake_failure or certificate error.


All the APIs are mix of SOAP and REST

Can some please advice if it is possible to set two different certificates in a Test Case 

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