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3 years ago

SoapUI Open Source future

Dear all, I wonder what is the Smartbear's (and the rest of community) plan for SoapUI OS future.   The SoapUI's Github ( ) shows there's almost no activity for ...
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    3 years ago

    Hello, All! First of all on behalf of R&D team I want to say thank you so much for your interest in SoapUI. This is definitely great tool and we love it so much too. Unfortunately over the past year we definitely didn't spend any efforts supporting it there is an objective reason for that. ReadyAPI & SoapUI share the same development team, which is not so big as we wish. Anyway according to data we see it's extremely popular and millions of people use it.

    I can not guarantee we would release new versions often moving forward, but defitely as soon as we get any small chance to spend with SoapUI we will merge your pull requests and we'll do our best to keep this product alive.

    Definitely this product can not be maintained as ReadyAPI does just because its nature, but always feel free to ask your questions in the community, please also don't hesistate to request new features/bug fixes. If amount of the requests will be significant I'm sure our respectfull community managers will transfer them to company management and dev team will be happy to release new version.


    Best regards,

    Ilya Avdeev, ReadyAPI/SoapUI R&D team lead