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9 years ago

SoapUI doesn't update changes in TestCase to the Monitor API (AlertSite)

Hi,   First, I'm not sure if this post should be here or on the AlertSite board. Hopefully I'm on the right place.   I'm trying out AlertSite and uploaded one of my SoapUI TestCases to the Monito...
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    9 years ago

    Hi Gunnar,


    When you create an API monitor in AlertSite, it uploads a copy of your SoapUI project to AlertSite servers, so that the TestCase can run remotely. You'll need to reupload your SoapUI project to AlertSite for your TestCase changes to take effect in AlertSite.


    From Ready! API or SoapUI:
    In the AlertSite Connector, add a monitor again but select an existing monitor name from the list. This will update the monitor configuration in AlertSite.





    From AlertSite:

    1. Export (zip) your SoapUI project: Right-click it in the Navigator and select Export.
    2. In AlertSite, edit your API monitor, then click Upload Project (or Manage API Project > Upload Project if you use the classic interface) and upload your SoapUI project.


    There's some more info about Managing SoapUI Projects in AlertSite documentation.


    Hope this helps!