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9 years ago

SOAPUI. Accessing a basic authentication webservice through companies web proxy

Hi.  I'm on SOAPUI v5.2.1.   I need to call an internet exposed service from inside my companies network.  To get out to the internet I need to go through the companies web proxy.  Windows domain\u...
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    9 years ago

    We also had problems working around this in our Java code, so possibly not all product related.


    Right now we have two options.


    1)  Run a Burp instance as a local proxy, this intercepts the request from the client and takes responsibility for managing the connection/authentication to our internal web proxy.


    2) Configure an exception rule in the web proxy to non authenticate traffic bound for the target url for the relevant source node.


    Both worked, option 1 good enough for dev, option 2 will be taken forward in to environments.