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5 years ago

soapui 5.5.0 free verison - postgresql connection


I am trying to connect to postgresql database with the soapui free verision. I got the driver downloaded and placed it in the <soapuiinstaller>/bin/ext folder 

The file i download is postgresql-42.2.6 version.

When i try to do the test connection  - i am getting the below error

Can't get the Connection for specified properties; java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for dbc:postgresql://<hostname>:5342/mscpsit?user=username&password=password


Can you please advise.

nmrao  - Any smart solution please 



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    Are you using any script to connect ? or built-in jdbc test step to connect?

    Have you restarted the tool after placing the driver under ext directory?
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      I am using jdbc step only. I restarted after placing the driver, but no luck. Thanks

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    Shouldn't the scheme be jdbc instead of dbc?