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10 years ago

SoapUI-5.2.1 is not handling option -t to load custom soapui-settings.xml

My first hello to the SoapUI-Community :smileyhappy:


First of all i want to thank you, for you wrote an awesome testing-suite, and it helps us alot.

I would be really grateful if you could also help us with the following problem:


We need to load a custom soapui-settings.xml file and therefore we use the option "-t /path/to/custom/soapui-settings.xml". Like this;


.\testrunner.bat -t 'path\to\custom\soapui-settings.xml' \path\to\project.xml


But despite that option the seems to load its own soapui-settings.xml file as it tells us in the INFO log:

INFO  [DefaultSoapUICore] Creating new settings at [D:\Users\user\soapui-settings.xml]


In Soap-UI 5.0.0 this option is working fine there the INFO Log shows the expected result:

INFO  [DefaultSoapUICore] initialized soapui-settings from [\path\to\custom\soapui-settings.xml]


How can we get this result in Soap-UI 5.1.2? Unfortunatelly we need to pass the alternative soapui-settings.xml and can not just change the default. Is there maybe another option how to handle this in Soap-UI 5.1.2


Kind regards





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    i have the same issue. It would be nice to get some help on how to proceed.

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      I am also having this issue, has anyone figured it out yet?