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3 years ago

SOAP UI: Assert JSON response parameter with 2 possible values

Hi I have use case where in response, I am getting code as a parameter where possible values may be 110 and 200   I applied Script assertion as below But it does not work. Can you please help me ...
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    3 years ago



    Assuming that smscode actually is value from the response you're searching for, then the 'if' needs to be modified.

    You could try a on smscode before the 'if' to check.

    The If should look like....

    if ((smscode=="110") || (smscode=="200"))


    The string.contains method only accepts a single string, not an expression.


    You could turn this around and do something like....

    assert '110,200'.contains(smscode);


    Or, seeing as you have used the IF to check the string already, assign the result of the IF and assert that, e.g. 

    def result = '';
    if ((smscode=="110") || (smscode=="200"))
        result = "Pass";
        result = "Fail";
    }"Result is ${result}.");
    // Assert the result from the IF.
    assert result == "Pass";