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11 years ago

SOAP attachments with MockService


I am struggling to get SOAP MTOM attachments to work with SOAPUI mock service.

I have added a file as attachment to the response and set the following response properties:

Enable MTOM = true
Enable attachments = true

I can see the attachment with SOAPUI mock request, however when I try this with Java Axis2 client, it returns the content of the element instead of the attachment.

Anyone have anything to suggest? I have xmime:expectedContentTypes in the WSDL, so the Java client should have MTOM enabled automatically, but maybe there is something else I need to configure.

Does the content of the element must match the attachment name? I noticed playing with SOAPUI mock request that the filename changes everytime (it looks like there is a timestamp or something added to it), so if the field value must be the attachment name then that might explain the issues I get?

Thanks in advance for your help on this.