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2 years ago

Saving JSON-response via Property Transfer using ResponseAsXml result in invalid XML

Dear community,

kindly asking to help me with the following:

1. What I do:

I'm using Property Transfer test step to save the result (response) of the REST Request to Properties test step and then using Property Expansion to get required values from the response saved in Properties in next test steps.

While I worked with HTTP Requests with responses in XML format everything was fine and Property Expansion like ${Properties#SavedResponse#//id} worked flawlessly.

2. The problem:

Starting to use REST with JSON-responses I suddenly find out that with SoapUI Community Edition I can't query saved JSON messages. So, in Property Transfer test step I've selected Property ResponseAsXml to save JSON-response in XML-form and faced the issue: while saving JSON as "ResponseAsXml" SoapUI adds to final XML attribute xmlns with value of REST-endpoint. Here how it looks like:

<Response xmlns="">



Presence of this attribute makes any Property Expansion to stop working for this saved XML property. Deleting attribute or changing it name brings Property Expansion back to life. But this manual intervention doesn't allow running the whole Test Case.

Attribute xmlns is the XML document's namespace attribute and it's incorrect to fill it with REST endpoint's address value, it's not a namespace at all.

3. The question:

Is it possible in SoapUI to turn off adding this attribute or change it name to something else?

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