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8 years ago

output is not coming on running a groovy script

I am a beginner of groovy script and I tried to practise samples of grovy in soapui. but output isnotcoming in output log.


mock services and wsdl outputs are working fine .but not groovy script output.

please help me in this as it is not allowing me to work on it further :(

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    If you are using the SoapUI GUI for development and test, then when you use a Groovy Script test step, any logged information is put out to the 'script log', which is a new tab at the bottom of the GUI, they do not get logged to the SoapUI log.


    Just in case you are looking at the SoapUI log.


    Good Luck

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    Please post more details such as your script and what log file are you referring in this case?
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    If you just need to log some information you can use:

  "Hi there!"