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9 years ago


Dear Friends,

I am new to SOAPUI. Can any one suggest me the website to download SOAPUI Pro.

I tried "" but there was some issue.


Also plz do send some interview related questions & answers for SOAPUI.


How to start from tehbasics plz do suggest




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    I haven't downloaded SoapUI pro for a year, but I beleive it has now been replaced with SoapUI NG Pro as part of the Ready! API Suite. The NG standard for next generation and amoungst other features, includes a brand new look and feel, similar to that of the  latest version of open source SoapUI.


    The way I bought it was first to sign up for a trial licence at:



    Then a sales person from Smart Bear later contacted me and I ended up buying a pro licence online.


    In terms of interview questions, I cannot think of an single resource apart from the official certification:



    Which I incidentally have not done, but I did check the syllabus:



    Apart from that, if you have the time giving the wiki a good study might help! Really though, you need to have a good go with SoapUI and this community has some great posts to help with many common and not so common problems and use-cases!


    Hope this helps, or that someone else can also chip in with useful stuff.