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I start the mockservicerunner from the ant script and I want to remove the blocking read for termination[Press any key to terminate] as this prevents the other dependent ant targets from executing.

I know that -b option of mockservicerunner is used to remove the blocking read for termination. But, i am unable to get it work.

Can you please provide an example of how I can fdo this from command line or tru ant?

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    I figured out how to use the -b option. I do it as follows
    mockservicerunner.bat -m <mockservicename> -b <path of the mockservice soap UI project>.

    With this command, it starts the mock service normally and it no more shows the message "Press any key to teminate". But the problem is, it seems like the mockservice also stops running as I receive the connection refused exception.

    I am running this on windows box.

    Any ideas how to make sure that the mockservice is running with -b option?
  • Hi nag9876,

    could you resolve this problem?
    I'm facing the same issue right now...

    Thanks in advance!
    Holley McFly