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MockService return two responses

It felt like heaven. And I knew my aunt was enjoying it too. She was forcing herself back at me as I pushed into her and breathing in ragged gasps. I squeezed one of her nipples hard and she wailed in pain and pleasure and my other hand found her slit and started rubbing her clitoris with a firm up and down motion. Helen gave a strangled cry as her second orgasm crashed through her nervous system, her anus spasming around my **bleep** as I drove into her. Then my orgasm was upon me, unstoppable and terrifyingly intense, and I was pumping my spunk into my great aunt's arse and crushing her breast in my hand and kissing and biting her neck and telling her that I loved her.
When it was over I withdrew from her anus, very slowly, allowing the muscle to contract gently behind me. Leaving Helen strapped to the bedstead I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself thoroughly. I was still rock hard, and for a good reason. Back in the bedroom I released my aunt and she kissed me and nuzzled my neck and whispered in my ear, 'Can I take you in my mouth now, please?'
It was her ultimate expression of submission, and an indication of how far she'd come down the path of debauchery. One day, after **bleep** sex and after I'd washed my **bleep** in the bathroom sink, she'd asked if she could suck my **bleep**. It had been quite out of the blue and I had been a bit dubious at first but my **bleep** was clean and so what the hell. Afterwards Helen said that the naughtiness of sucking something which had just been up her bottom was exquisite. I think if I'd taken my **bleep**, fresh and warm straight from out of her arse and forced it into her mouth she'd still have sucked me off, but I wasn't prepared to do that and she had certainly never suggested it.
Now she gently pushed me down onto the bed and straddled my torso, facing away from me. Her head dipped and I felt her hair ticking my stomach and thighs. Then I felt her hand on my **bleep** and her lips slide over my **bleep** head and start working up and down my shaft. Her backside was pointed at me and about six inches from my face and when I parted her buttocks I could see her pubic bush and her milk-chocolate brown anus, ringed by fine black hair. As I looked a bead of spunk trickled out of her sphincter, ran down her arse crack and dripped onto my chest. I was gasping with arousal. The feeling of her mouth enveloping me was superb and as I bent forward to try and tongue her rosebud, I felt a fingertip on my own anus and then she was pushing and the finger was going right in and I was thrusting my hips up to drive my **bleep** deeper into her mouth and my balls were starting to tingle and then my second orgasm was upon me and I threw my head back and cried out loud and a dribble of spunk was oozing out of my **bleep** and my great aunt was licking it up and pulling her finger out of my arse.
In the afterglow we held each other tightly and I felt an overwhelming sense of love for my elderly relation and the generosity with which she gave herself to her great nephew. Again I was tempted to tell her about mum's visit but again I resisted the temptation and we fell asleep, waking an hour later as the mid-winter afternoon light was draining away.





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    Looks it is very application specific, not a common case.
    Not sure if you can replicate unless you write some custom code.