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14 years ago

MockService: How to anser a request with special HTTP status


first I have to say that I really like soapUI. I use MockService for testing client software.

I would like to answer a request with another HTTP status code than 200. I already used script inside response. Here you find my snippet:


In dialog "MockResponse Properties" I can observe the value 401 in property "Response HTTP-Status"

After sending a request to MockService by jMeter I always see "Response code: 200".

Could you please give me a hint? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Dirk O. Schweier

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    Hi Dirk!

    I just tested with soapUI 3.6.2 nightly build and it works just fine. Could you please send your project to

    (I find kind of strange that you use an external load testing tool (JMeter) to functionally test a soapUI mock service. Functional testing is probably the single area where soapUI shines the most.)

    Best regards

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    Hi Henrik,

    thanks for your answer.

    It is not a question that I do not trust in soapUI and its functionality. In my case I set up a MockService as a testing tool for client software. Whenever I have to insert scripts or code into test tools I am very strict regarding validation of these tools. So, by using another tool I think I avoid side effects.

    But okay, I will never again call another tool by name. I just talk about another tool.

    In my post I really forgot to mention that I am using soapUI 3.6.1. Sorry for that. I think I will stick to this version because using a nightly build should cause some trouble regarding configuration management in our project. We have to make sure that every tester uses the same snapshot.

    I am looking forward to read your answer on my mail to your support account. Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards
    Dirk O. Schweier
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    [SoapUI 5.5.0] uses:



    without the quotes