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7 years ago

Keystores stored at the project level is not used. Why not?

I want to record and use more than one Keystore for this particular project.  One Keystore is for the DEV Environment version, and the other is for the TEST Environment version.


So, I identified them at the Project level.  I navigated to the project, then highlighted and right clicked and selected "Show Project View".  Then inside of the Project View, I selected the tab labeled "WS-Security Configurations".  In the sub-tabs listed below, I selected the tab labeled "Keystores".  On this screen, you can enter more than 1 Keystore.  So, I identified my two keystores (DEV and TEST).


My thinking was that it would present both Keystores.  This did not happened.


Apparently, the only keystore that is presented is the one stored at the SOAPUI Preference Level.


So, what do I do to get SOAPUI Open Source to present the two keystores stored at the Project Level instead of the one and only one stored at the SOAPUI Preference level?

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