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5 years ago

Variable keystore for each single teststep, based on environment

Dear Smartbear friends!

This is my very first post on the community site :smileylol:


My situation

I have a webservice with 3 environments (integration, acceptation & production).

For each seperate teststep-properties I use variables like;

username: ${#Project#Username}

password: ${#Project#Password}

ssl keystore: ${#Project#Certificate}


The benefit is that I can manage these credentials in the Project Custom Properties.

So when I switch from environment, I only have to change 1 Project Custom Properties and all seperate teststeps will obey the Project Custom Properties. If I want to switch user or certificate, I can do that on the single Project Custom Properties as well.


But nowwww....

The problem

Since I've upgraded to ReadyAPI 2.6.0 I've lost ${#Project#Certificate} in the ssl key store field from all seperate teststeps and there's no way to write this back, because this field suddenly became a dropdown-list.


Can anyone give me tips how to fix this properly?

  • Confirmed: After upgrading to ReadyAPI 3.1 the problem is solved:


    » The SSL Keystore field is a dropdown & textarea

    » I'm able to 'write' (variablies) in the SSL Keystore field for each teststep

    » The SSL keystore is reading values from older ReadyAPI versions (ie ReadyAPI 2.5)

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      Hi davinci020,


      Welcome to the SmartBear Community :)


      Did you find the answer to your question in the topic, HimanshuTayal suggested?

      Please let us know if you need any more assistance.

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        Hi there TanyaYatskovska

        I didn't manage to figure out how to fix this problem according to the documentation (due to Easter holiday),

        but I will get back at it soon and hopefully accept the solution and give kudo's to HimanshuTayal.

          be continued

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    This issue is a defect we have in ReadyAPI 2.6.0 and 2.7.0.

    The defect id is RIA-10019.

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        I have exactly the same problem here.


        I've been looking for the roadmap of ReadyAPI or SoapUI but I couldn't find it. Could you tell me when it's planned to release the fix for this?