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2 months ago

How to reproduce this message signature in code

Hi guys,

I have had a tough time solving this puzzle, according to the above configuration SoapUI should sign the whole message as described in the documentation here

Unfortunately, this description doesn't align with the SignedInfo node in the soap message, where it appears to sign only the message body, as apparent from the Reference tag and Id pointing to the body Id. I tried doing it with different combinations without any luck. If I sign only the message body the digest and Signature value don't match with that of SoapUI. Then I also tried signing the whole soap envelope but that too doesn't work. Even if it is the whole message, which parts does it include, like the Headers, Binary Security Token, TimeStamp and body or only the TimeStamp and body. The digest changes with every request. I hope someone also got this issue and found a way out, if yes please let me know.

Thank you!

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