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8 years ago

How to convince soapUI to displays '&' as '&' not as '&'?

I just had to learn that soapUI for some strange reason displays '&' as '&' when displaying XML responses. Strange enough it does that even when displaying the response on the "raw"-tab!


I was at first puzzled why our code generates such links containing '&' instead of the expected '&':

   <Meta Version="1.0.0">
      <Link Href=";lang=DE" Rel="self"/>

After quite some digging in the code and finding no reason and finally using a different tool (Google Advanced REST client) to send and receive test requests I had to learn, that it seem, that it is actually soapUI which converts the '&' and displayes them in this way. IMHO this is a bug! soapUI should NOT convert anything in this Link-attribute.


Can one prevent or disable this conversion somehow?







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