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8 years ago

How to Access Htttp Log from SOAP UI using the soap ui API



I am using the following code for capturing the http log from SOAP UI :

def logArea = com.eviware.soapui.SoapUI.logMonitor
   def logPanel
   logPanel = logArea.getLogArea("http log")


which works fine when run from SOAP UI itself.


How can we access the http log when running the groovy script when SOAP ui interface is not open.


For ex:

I am running this from ANT.


Is there any way I can use the SAOP UI API to capture this http log ?

Basically I want to capture request/responses between redirects.


Any help appreciated.Thanks

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    You should be able to see the http request response in the result / reports directory that you might have configured for ant build script. Please check it once.
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      I am looking for a solution to read the http log when the soap ui GUI is not used.


      the SoapUi log only tracks the step called in the logs, the http traffic with details is not available there.


       My basic problem is that I want track sessions during redirects , to which the only workaround I see in SOAPUI is to read the the http log in the SAOP UI console.


      I need a way to capture this when the SAOP UI GUI is not used.