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9 years ago

Getting Unauthorized error while connecting Oracle from maven



I am Getting Unauthorized error while connecting Oracle from maven. But it is working fine from UI.


I have followed all the steps mentioned here Oracle-Maven Docs


While running the test suite from Jenkins I am getting following error.


[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.smartbear.soapui:soapui-maven-plugin:5.1.2-m-SNAPSHOT:test (soapUI) on project OrionAPITests: Execution soapUI of goal com.smartbear.soapui:soapui-maven-plugin:5.1.2-m-SNAPSHOT:test failed: Plugin com.smartbear.soapui:soapui-maven-plugin:5.1.2-m-SNAPSHOT or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Failed to collect dependencies at com.smartbear.soapui:soapui-maven-plugin:jar:5.1.2-m-SNAPSHOT -> Failed to read artifact descriptor for Could not transfer artifact from/to ( Not authorized , ReasonPhrase:Authorization Required. -> [Help 1]

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