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6 years ago

Generating POST content dynamically?

I'm looking for a way to compute a payload to be posted.  Successive POSTS should re-compute the payload each time.


The Content-Type of the POST will be application/json and I need to generate that JSON using an external EXE (because it contains an encrypted element which can only be crunched by that EXE)


The element contains a sequence number, so each instance of the JSON sent has to be re-computed (using an external EXE) because it's different each time.


This requires three things that I don't know how to do:

  1. SoapUI must increment a counter before each POST
  2. SoapUI must pass that counter to an external EXE before each POST
  3. SoapUI must use the output of the EXE as the content of that POST

That first item can probably be handled by the EXE itself (or a wrapper around it), but it would be nice if SoapUI could do it.


Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do?