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16 years ago

Export full WSDL ( including imported schema )


I've just started using soapUI, and I'm trying to reformat a WSDL document that uses external schema to define complex data types.

soapUI is the only tool I have come across that successfully imports all the detail from the external schema.

What I'd like to do is use soapUI to export the WSDL including all the imported schema data in one file.

Is that doable ?

Thanks in advance

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    The "Export Definition" action available on the Interface popup does almost that; it exports the WSDL and all its includes/imports to a local folder, rewriting all includes/imports during the process so they are still valid. Unfortunately there is currently no option to put everything inside the WSDL / types-section, please add a feature request and we'll put it on our list for future improvements!


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      We are using the SOAP UI api, we want to use the export Definition functionality in program. do we have any api which will download all the files including import if I give the wsdl url?. Exactly same as "Export Definition" action in SOAP UI tool.

      Please reply ASAP.



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      Did anything further happen with this in the ten years that has elapsed?


      It seems to me entirely sensible for the tool to save, within the project, a copy of the original WSDL file, which it could eport on request. For example, if you have two SoapUI projects and you want to check if they have used the same WSDL, such a feature would enable this. I have just this situation.


      I have just used the Export Definition function and the output looks quite different from the original WSDL file. If the output from the Export Definition function is different, what earthly use is it? Or have I missed something?