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8 years ago

Error using custom JAR in SOAP UI Groovy Test Step

I am trying to include custom code for SAML generation (in form of JAR) into Groovy test step. Below are the steps I followed :   1. Created JAR 2.Copied JAR and their dependencies in .../bin/ext ...
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    8 years ago

    Hi Abhi,


    The steps you described for adding a jar file library appear correct - I actually did a basic blog of how to build and add jar file libraries to SoapUI, let me know if it helps:



    Something that isn't in the blog (which I might well add now) is how to handle when a SoapUI jar library requires external dependencies - in this case, I can see that NoClassDefFoundError for:




    can be obtained from


    The jar file containing this must also be present on the SoapUI class path. So if it isn't in the SoapUI /lib folder, then you need to add this velocity jar to the /ext folder too - are you sure that this velocity jar is present in either /lib or the /ext folder?