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6 years ago

Create SOAP project based on WSDL with basic authentication

Hi there,


How do I create a SOAP project based on a WSDL url with must be authenticated with basic authentication?


I tried to do this using the instructions here:


I get a popup that asks for basic authentication credentials but entering the correct username/password does not work. The popup keeps on coming. 


The SOAPUI Log logs the following event each time I enter the credential: <servername>:80 requires authentication with the realm 'null'


Any idea how to do this?


Thanx in advance.




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    I haven't come across a WSDL definition URL requiring Basic Authentication before, and I don't think it's supported in SoapUI. But as a workaround, can you use your web browser to download the WSDL, save it, and then create the project from the saved WSDL file?

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      I am facing the same issue, did you find any solution ?

      I found a solution, 
      you should put the credentials between the http and the endpoint as shown in the example  :