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17 years ago

Can I create Mockservice with SSL connection?


I have tried to create a Mockservice with the SSL connection on port 443.
I generated keystore and set it to the preference of soapUI. Create the
request to make sure the Mockservice that I created can be receive SSL
request correctly but I got:

Wed Sep 12 13:27:12 JST 2007:ERROR:Exception in request: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?
Wed Sep 12 13:27:12 JST 2007:ERROR:An error occured [Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?], see error log for details

I am using soapUI 1.7.5, and put openSSL into JRE ext already.
In the request I set the request properties like these:

Message Size :575
Encoding :UTF-8
Endpoint :https://localhost:443/xxxx/xxxxx
Username :xxxxxxxx
Password :xxxxxxxx
WSS-Password Type:PasswordDigest

The others I leave them to default value.

The above error should be problem on the Mockservice (server side) or
Request (client side)?
Could anyone advice me some hint to solve this problem please?

Best regard,