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11 years ago

XML keeps disappearing in test step

We are working on a composite project under GIT source control and the XML structure in the test steps keeps disappearing every time we checkin our changes. This means we have to re-click the Add button to 'add new item' for the request and then re-fill out the request form. This problem has only surfaced since we removed the webservices from source control (See point 2 below)

In file explorer i have compared the correct XML and incorrect XML (missing request data) testcase and they appear the same . Why does soap keep removing the request data?

1)One of our webservices keeps going missing and we have to 'Update Definition' quite often.
2)We have removed the webservices from source control because everytime a user changed any file, all the webservices ID's were updated and this made it impossible to checkin and merge our files. Bug = SOAP-1381 viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22817&p=52174&hilit=source+control#p52174

Soap = 4.6.2 on Win7 32bit.

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    First of all, I've put you as one of the affected users on SOAP-1381 and notified our product owner.

    Second of all, could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean with "we removed the webservices from source control".
    Does that mean that you actually removed the Interface (webservice) from the SoapUI GUI or deleted the Interface folder in the composite project root folder; or does it mean that you only have remove it from the versioning system and have it locally.
    How are the TestSteps that are affected by this loss of content related to the removed Interface, if all?


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  • Hi Erik
    We removed the webservices from source control which then removed them from SoapUI so we manually copied them back into the exact same folder. So the webservices are locally in the folder and not affected by source control. I am not 100% sur this caused the problem (but i think its related) since the test cases i created on my local machine still work (dont need to click the Add button) but the testcases created by other users now have empty request files (Need to click the Add button).

    finalisePortBinding - Local
    licensingPortBinding - Local
    referenceDataPortBinding - Local
    reversePortBinding - Local
    TestSuite1- Source control
    TestSuite2 - Source control
    TestSuite3 - Source control
    TestSuite4 - Source control
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    As I understand you keep your wsdl locally on file system. And in composite project or even simple project it keeps reference of wsdl file with an absolute path, which is unfortunately machine dependent. So, if you import test suites created in another machine you will face this problem.

    One workaround can be to have the WSDL interface settings file local and not in Git. Since settings.xml file keeps the reference of wsdl file so there you can just change the wsdl file path to the one you have on your system. Here is there directory structure of WSDL interface.

    <folder for each WSDL Interface>
    settings.xml – Interface specific settings
    <xml file for each operation> - contains all settings and requests for the operation

    Hope this helps little bit.

    SmartBear Sweden