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7 years ago

Why am I getting INVALID_WSDL: Expected element '{}definitions error

Below is the definitions section of my .wsdl.  It clearly has the attribute that SoupUI asserts as missing.  What am I doing wrong?   <definitions xmlns="" xmlns:ws...
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    7 years ago



    The first thing I do before I try importing a .wsdl is to check that it's wellformed and schema valid.  If the file is malformed xml or invalid, this will cause problems.


    I had a quick look (after Id removed those annoying emojis that automatically generate) and noticed 2 instances of you referencing elements to the ns1 namespace - but the namespace declarations immediately below the prolog dont include a namespace with the identifier ns1.


    Once I'd fixed that - I pointed them to the tns namespace as I think that's what they should be pointing at - I started finding more schema invalid issues.  Each one I tried fixing just lead onto another - I'm sorry - I don't know what your .wsdl is supposed to look like to fix all the issues I'm afraid


    You'll need to fix these before the .wsdl can be loaded into SoapUI - this is why you're getting the invalid wsdl error - the file is schema invalid.


    I suggest you go back to whoever supplied the .wsdl and ask them to try and validate it, then they'll see the various problems I found that will need to be fixed before this can successfully be loaded into SoapUI.


    Sorry I can't be more help,