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6 years ago

Whitespaces in assertions removed at save

Hi All,


I am having a problem while saving my project, I have an assertion with a whitespace as expected value and for some reason when I save the project the space is removed.


<con:assertion type="JsonPath Match" name="Club Address 2" id="198cdc30-7e14-4f16-8c3c-44e28404a51e">
<content> </content>

Problem happens to the <content> </content> tag


Workaround: If a do a fresh install of Ready API 2.3 or 2.4 the problem is there. But if a install 2.2 and then update to 2.4 the behavior is no longer there. deduction is that there is some configuration that was on version 2.2 and is no longer there on 2.3+. 


If anyone can tell me which config handles the behavior would be great, becuase updating comes with a degradation on the preformance, so I'll like to be able to fresh install the latest version without worring of having to modify the project file on an external program to put back the removed characters.

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    You should have disabled below option:
    File -> Preferences -> WSDL -> Pretty prints project files