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3 years ago

Which is the better/stable ReadyAPI Version ?

Hi just wanted to discuss on ReadyAPI version. Currently am using ReadyAPI 3.9.2 version but not sure  whether is a better or stable version for executing test cases in jenkins and for jenkins deplo...
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    3 years ago

    Hey Asima_29 


    I think people are going to have difficulty in giving you "the correct" answer as in some ways it's a little subjective and for anyone to truly answer this they can only go on either their own experience (if theyve actually had problems with a specific ReadyAPI version with jenkins) or if theyve seen a number of people posting about ReadyAPI/jenkins issues.


    SmartBear will always encourage people to upgrade to the later version.


    I suppose you could view the release notes of previous versions, but I suppose this raises the question: what would you do if version v3.3.0 was thought of as particularly stable for pipelines?  Would you actually downgrade?


    I think people would only notice 'dodgy' versions if there had been lots of posts moaning about a specific version or they'd had personal experience of issues.  People wouldn't notice if there had been ZERO issues with ReadyAPI/Jenkins.  As I dont think there has been a recent surge in posts moaning about specific ReadyAPI versions I'd say 1 recent version is as good as the rest.


    you're on 3.9.2 and I know 3.10.0 is available.  HOWEVER - if 3.9.2 is actually working with no problems, then there seems little point in upgrading which will just increase the probability of finding a problem until 3.10.0 has been in use for a time and it's considered a stable release.


    Obviously the above is just my opinion - the other people might have differing views on this.