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  • hi geosan013


    Using GIT in my project with ReadyAPI 2.4.0, but never face issue.


    Just go on a call with smartbear team or write a mail to smartbear, might be they will be able to resolve your issue.




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    Hello HimanshuTayal



    Thank you very much. I will certainly do that but just to ensure, with 2.4.0 you are not running into merge conflicts? (Multiple team members are working on shared projects in my case) If yes, does it auto resolve for you?  I use a merge tool to resolve the conflict but its hard to understand what’s changed/added because of the ReadyAPI file structure I guess.

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    geosan013, here is the latest version of the documentation that HimanshuTayal pointed you at.



    While basically the same, it has been updated a little with more of a focus on Git.


    I would also highly recommend that you set the settings "Pretty print project files" and "Normalize line-break" mentioned in the Tip at the bottom of the linked page. These setting really help making merges easier!


    Important: These settings are ReadyAPI settings associated with the application, not the individual project. So need to be set on all installations of Ready API. Since version 2.3 they have been enabled by default, but this is only new installations, if you had an older version installed and then upgraded you will have to manually set these properties.