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13 years ago

WebUI in the Soap answer


I created a soapui project with a mock service. I generated an WAR file and deployed it on a tomcat server.
Endpoint is http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/mock1. I can succesfully with soapui send requests and get the answers too.

I created a second SoapUI-projekt with a second mock service (other WSDL file), generated the war file and deploy it on the tomcat server too.
Endpoint is http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/mock2.
When I send a request on this endpoint I received the webui HTML code as a response:

<title>soapUI MockServices Log for project xxxxxxxx</title>
<frameset rows="40%,40%,*">
<frame src="master"/>
<frame name="detail" src="detail"/>
<frame src="log"/>

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks and regards,

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    Hm..I do not how you configured mock service. You can check correct path to it if you check web.xml in WEB-INF folder, look for :

    <url-pattern><path goes here></url-pattern>

    usually there stands '/*' that would mean that correct path would be made by service directory name in tomcat's webapp directory.

    So, if your war file is mock.war and url-pattern is /* url is :

    if url pattern is /mock1/* than url is:

    Hope this helps,
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      @robert Even i am facing the same isue. I tried with the above solution however it still gives me the above mentioned response.

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        Hi Sobana,


        A lot of things have changed since 2011. Could you please create a new topic and describe the issue you face in details?