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6 years ago

[Webinar] What's new in SoapUI Pro 2.4

Hello Guys,


I want to invite you to the webinar we are hosting tomorrow, June 13th.

We’ll discuss how SoapUI Pro 2.4 helps make the transition to API automation a simpler process (check out our one-click Jenkins plugin!) for traditional QA and development teams that are driving more of their testing efforts via the API layer and incorporating API automation into their continuous testing practices.


Register for the webinar here


There will be two sessions at 9AM ET and 2 PM ET. Choose the one or attend two webinars ;)

If you can't attend, register anyway and we'll send you a link to the recording.

Still haven’t had a chance to start using SoapUI Pro 2.4? Download it here.


Get knowledge at the webinar and accept the API Summer online challenge.

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