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5 years ago


1)when we create a new project how to get WADL file name or URL   or    REST URL ? in my project I found this but I am not understand from where we got this URL,is it related to license or somethin...
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    5 years ago
    Hi amarnath1234

    A .wadl file can be considered the REST equivalent of a SOAP services .wsdl file.

    The .wsdl (stands for webservices definition language) defines the listening webservice, such as method (e.g.POST,GET, etc.) along with the soap container and the SOAP services URL. A soap service doesn't use uri/template, query or header parms whereas a REST api does.

    The URLS in a SOAP or REST api are determined by the developers who are defining the service/api from the requirements....its nothing to do with licensing.

    I suggest reading up on REST, SOAP, .wsdl, .wadl and then come back with more questions. is a decent place to start. There's a lot of theory that you need to understand to be able to use readyapi!/soapui effectively.