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6 years ago

Version 2.6.0 - Font size issues on Windows 10

Just installed version 2.6.0, and cannot find a way to set the font size project window or menu tab. I can set the "Form" tab using the Preferences | Editor | Font, but this does not apply to other a...
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    6 years ago

    I entered a ticket #00344716. There are several issues through the entire application. Now this might be hardwardand driver dependent. I'm operating on a dell Lattitude, my coworker in on a dell desktopandhas no such issues.


    Windows display settings have no effect on the observable failures.


    1. ALL grid objects that I have seen fail to autosize the row hight, making the date with in unreadable and maybe unwritable in the propeties grids

    2. Tabs and popup text font is so very very small (I.e system properties window)

    3. Check boxes on preferences are also very very small, wher you may not recognize them as a checkbox.


    I'm sure that there are other areas effected.


    Could someone PLEASE mane v4.5 available


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    6 years ago

    Hi Guys,

    As far as I see, the workaround is to enable the"Override high DPI scaling behavior" option. To do this:

    1. Right-click the ReadyAPI executable file and select Properties.
    2.  Switch to the Compatibility tab
    3. Click the Change high DPI settings option
    4. Check the"Override high DPI scaling behavior" option




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    6 years ago

    IT WORKS!!!!

    2 things.....

    First, when setting the checkbox for "High DPI Scaling Override", use "System" in the dropdown as shown above. Mine had defaulted to "Application" and I didn't notice it.


    Second, try "Signing Out" from your Windows session. There is a note in the Display Setting, that options may not take effect for all applications unless the session has been signed out.


    Thank you for finding the override.