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4 years ago

Validating mulipart response

The response which i get for GET request is multipart response. which is getting displayed only under raw tab of response in readyAPI. responses is not present under outline as there is not any XML tags. Response will have boundaries mention which will separate the responses which usually has plain text or xml(at times). 


As the response displayed only as raw, how  can i able to validate the responses. I need to validate the whole response content ?  help me with this.

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    Hey Radhika2,

    Are you saying your GET request is a single part request snd the associated response is multipart? Ive never had a multipart response before....ive had multipart request payload for a POST, but not a GET response, so i just want to make sure i understand.

    I suspect youre not seeing anything in the outline tab because the datatype of the response cant be parsed successfully so it cant be represented in the outline or xml or json tabs properly.

    Need more its multipart, what are the separate parts to the response....a binary AND teext component? What are the different parts to the request?

    Most importantly, could you please post the fulls details of the RAW tab for your response? Particularly interested in the HTTP headers....knowing what headers youve got will likely help answer this.


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      Thank you Richie!

      Radhika2 could you let us know if you managed to solve this issue?

      If you didn't, please provide the Community with more info as Richie is requiring so the community members could try and help.