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6 years ago

Validate assertion with XPath field null

Hi all. I am new with soap so please bear with me. in the pro-version I created and assetion to match  "content" from a Datasource. It match 100% if there are any details in the field. but when...
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    6 years ago

    i have similar issue but with JDBC and i got my Groovy script to work.  this is what i have so far. below is link to my post



     This groovy works. try it..


    def ActualSourceCode = context.expand( '${ABC_XYZ#ResponseAsXml#//Results[1]/ResultSet[1]/Row[1]/SOURCE_CODE[1]}' ) "JDBCSourceCode= $ActualSourceCode"

    def ExpectedSourceCode = context.expand( '${DataSource#SourceCode1}' ) "EXCELSourceCode= $ExpectedSourceCode"

    if(ActualSourceCode == 'NOVALUE')

    ExpectedSourceCode = 'NOVALUE'
    assert ExpectedSourceCode == ActualSourceCode "SourceCodeNotEntered = $ActualSourceCode"
    assert ExpectedSourceCode == ActualSourceCode "SourceCodeEntered = $ActualSourceCode"