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3 years ago

Updating TestStep - will update TestCases using the TestStep

Hi,I have a TestSuite with different Test Cases that uses same TestStep. 

We are using DataSource for scenario with the same flow and create different testcase when the flow has different TestStep.

Is there is way that when TestStep is changed , it will automatically update TestStep for all Test Cases that uses it?

or Is there is a better  way to approach this?


Below is sample:





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    Hi apmorales ,

    You can define 1 time a Test Case with for instance test steps "Airshop" & "OfferPrice" since I see those you need to run each time. In your actual subsequent tests you can use then "Run Test Case Test Step" to call this test case. You can create test case properties to dynamically provide the properties you need (in case those are different). More info:

    This also is more easy to maintain. Imagine the request payload for "OfferPrice" suddenly has a new mandatory field you will need to adapt all your test steps in all your test cases. With above approach you'll have it in just one place.