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2 years ago

Unattended run of ReadyAPI with floating license

Hi experts!


We want to use out floating licenses when running unattended tests during night time. How can we check out a license and check it back in after the tests were run in a scripted way?


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    Some info on how you are setup for running unattended would be helpful to better answer your question

    i.e. for myself
    I have a Hyper-V running Win10 Desktop OS with SoapUI installed
    I am using a ADO pipeline to an agent on my HyperV to pass over a command-line statement to
    kick off my automation thru TestRunner. It will open up SoapUI, run my scripts, and then close SoapUI.

    So I think if you look at the command-line syntax for running your ReadyAPI project
    You should be able to start up TestRunner (which should get a float license)  run your scripts, and close TestRunner (which should free your license)

    SoapUI vs. ReadyAPI (SoapUI Pro)  should both have similar command-line syntax for TestRunner