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3 years ago

Unable to update REST definition, but refactor definition works



When I try to "Update definition" by REST swagger file, it failed:

But when I choose "Refactor definition" with the same swagger file as above, it works. Why, oh, why?


There is not any "xs" string In my swagger file...

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    Hey mat_1979 


    OAS/Swagger's json/yaml - not XML - I think this is an issue with ReadyAPI itself.  I think when you try to Refactor - ReadyAPI tries parsing the project.xml before it starts the Refactor and that's when the exception is generated.


    I haven't got a swagger file I can try the refactor on I'm afraid to try and replicate - but as long as the underlying project.xml is wellformed xml (and you wouldn't be able to open it in ReadyAPI if it wasn't) - I'm guessing there's an issue with the Refactor once the parse occurs.


    I'd raise a ticket with SmartBear via here -->