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3 years ago

Unable to switch GIT branches in Readyapi application

In our Project we are having Functional and security suites in ReadyAPI application. We are maintaining projects in GIT with having few branches like master and Branch1. On daily basis our team members are push their updates into GIT and Pull it via Git CMD.
The problem that we are facing now is : When are trying pull the project from GIT to local, we cant able to switch branches in ReadyAPI. We are getting error like "There are uncommitted changes. Checkout conflict with files: <and here some security file names>".
Could you please suggest some solution for the above issue and let me know if any additional information is required.

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    Hey SenthilnathanSM 


    sorry  - I just trying to make sure I understand - changes are made to the feature branches in readyAPI (Composite project), those changes are added, committed and pushed back up and merged back into master.  Then what happens?


    using Git CMD/Bash, do you checkout master using Git CMD / Bash, checkout to a new local branch (git checkout -b featurename) and then when you launch ReadyAPI it defaults to the branch your local git is pointing to (the newly created feature branch) - but you're getting a warning about uncommitted changes? - something like that??