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4 years ago

unable to send multiple query param with different key value pair

unable to send multiple query param with different key value pair : 


URL =`


I can data drive ID using property expansion : ${#TestCase#ID}


BUT,Unable to retrieve data for from date and to date using Either property expansion or Groovy Script.

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    Hi Dhirajkumar9536,

    Can you provide more info? What youre asking is straightforward to achieve in ReadyAPI!, so we'll need more info to work out the problem.

    You say you cant generate the query parm date values but why not? What is actually happening when you try?
    What does the logging indicate?
    What mechanism are you using for the property expansion?
    Where are you sourcing the date values from?

    The more, concise info you provide the quicker someone will be able to respond with the solution.



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    Do you mean you are able to call the service manually but not with data driven way?
  • Dhirajkumar9536 :


    Where is your from date and to date is stored?

    In same test case's custom property?


    Could you please share any screenshot for more details.

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      Thank you for great help, Community!


      Dhirajkumar9536 Looks like you got a lot of replies ğŸ™‚ Please provide more info and the ReadyAPI Community will be happy to help.