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4 years ago

Unable to login web application with ReadyAPI


Hi guys,

I try some simple requests to login to my web application


Get Login page to retrieve __RequestVerificationToken (with Property Transfer)

Then can Login Post method to Login my web application


But response is always 'An error occurred while processing your request'


See an attached file for more details


Any ideas to fix this issue

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  • Hi YanNguyen. Is the attached XML from the error logs? Where is that file from?


    Also, would it be possible to attach a screenshot of the failed request and subsequent response?

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      Thanks. So it looks like the server is returning a 500. Are you able to get a successful response from the server using the same request from a different application/client? Is this your first time testing it in ReadyAPI, or has it worked before and now started failing?

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        Sorry, our test server auto shutdown in last night


        I did try in this morning but still not able to login with ReadyAPI

        This function still work well with Jmeter or Selenium but not SoapUI and ReadyAPI (see attachment)



        I just think that may be lead to the problem is the parameter which I sent to server (__RequestVerificationToken), it have some special charaters in the name



        I'm just on the way to research best load testing tool to apply to our project (newbie), so please help me check this problem again