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6 years ago

Unable to have different parameter types for the same param in the same service

I updated ReadyAPI to 2.6.0, and since when I edit a parameter type (template -> query) for a request in the project, it carries over to my tests perfectly. Soon as I go back to the project and edit ...
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    6 years ago

    Hey cromzinc 


    I'm unsure if I'm misunderstanding but I think you're hitting an issue I noticed quite recently and it is a known issue with ReadyAPI!


    The hierarchy to the objects in your 'Projects' tab is as follows:


    Service >> Resource >> Method >> Request


    I noticed that if I created multiple Resource's in the same service with different multiple query parameters, then the most recent change overrode previous ones.


    So if I have 2 resources within the same service and they have say the following parms




    APIKey - header type
    APIClient - header type
    QueryParmX - query type
    QueryParmY - query type




    APIKey - header type
    APIClient - header type
    QueryParmA - query type
    QueryParmB - query type


    Then when I went into the SoapUI tab and tried to create a REST request based on Resource1, even though I select Resource1 via the 'New REST Request' modal window, when the REST request is created in my testcase, the parameters are those found in Resource2!


    It's a known issue according to what I've read in the help somewhere.  The way around this was to create separate Services for each of the requests - despite the fact that really - its the same service, same resource with different query parms.


    The way I got around this was to create separate Service level requests for each of the requests with different query parms - that way, when you select the request in the SoapUI tab - it does select possess the correct parameters.


    I've attached 2 images so you can see - I have one with a QueryParm entitled ID, the other is the same request with a different QueryParm entitled MUID.  When I tried to create these within the same Service - it didn't work - it behaved as I describe above - so this was way I found around the problem.


    Admittedly, its not very efficient - but it does get the job done....perhaps one of the other forum members might have a better idea?  but this is the way I handled it! :)


    I hope I've been clear,