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6 years ago

Unable to access file names from shared network path in “Directory” Data Source

Detailed problem statement: ReadyAPI Version 2.2.0 composite project has been created with “Javascript” language. We were in need to automate the validation of the output files. When we use D...
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    6 years ago

    Hi dougan76 


    Sorry - I just want to clarify - you say that if you use the UNC network drive mapping style it doesnt work - but then you say if you use the absolute C:\SLP it does work - but C:\SLP is relative not absolute.  Sorry - I'm not picking holes here - I just want to be clear.


    The Universal Naming convention (which is absolute) of a network drive = \\servername\sharename\foldername


    Have you specified the sharename in the path when trying to map to the correct folder?


    If this doesn't work - you could try the relative drive mappings R:\foldername - and strictly speaking unless you are using floating licenses - you won't be running the ReadyAPI! project on multiple machines so you don't need to worry about different  people's machines having different network drive mappings.  I suppose you could ensure that EVERYONE who is executing the project have the same network drive mappings so there's no problem - but I appreciate you don't want to use relative drive mappings in this case


    Obviously using the relative drive mappings wont work on any machine that doesn't actually have the drive mapped!