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9 years ago

Two different REST endpoints for each environment - how to handle this?



I am using Ready API 1.5.0 SOAPUING. 


For each enviroment, I do have two different REST endpoints. When I set up the environment, I can only give one endpoint for REST. How to give two different endpoints for same environment? Even if I set second endpoint through property, it won't work when I change the environment. 


Please see an example below:


Environment A : has two different endpoints - C and D


Environment B : has two different endpoints - X and Y. 



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    What I can image is, consideing an example below:

    In the QA environment, there can be multiple servers and each engineer will use different server. And each engineer wants to run the tests against his/her server. 


    Is your use case is some thing like above? Pass on more details otherwise?


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      Thanks for reply. 


      I do have 2 different servers in my test environment and I am testing against both at the same time. Ex. get data from one server and run the test case with that data on different server.


      I will explain it below. 


      I generate the test data from this endpoint:  using REST call. And then I do  retrieve the data from endpoint using the REST call.  Does this help?





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        Looks, there is confusion.
        1. Getting some data from one server.
        2. Putting that data on to different server.
        So, I believe that it could be two different resources which can have different endpoints in the same environment.
        Isn't Ready API allowing you to choose different endpoint for different resouces in one environment? Possible for a screen shot, otherwise?