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5 years ago

TIBCO EMS JMS Connection Error (Not Using Hermes But ReadyAPI) MAC

I have a manual JMS Connection inside ReadyAPI but I am unable to connect to TIBCO EMS. I get this error:


Could not establish a JMS connection: javax.naming.AuthenticationException: Not permitted: authentication failed [Root exception is javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: authentication failed]


I am setting the JMS Connection like this:



The error in EMS shows like this:


2020-06-18 20:21:47.151 [anonymous@LMHQUCIS447992]: connect failed: not authorized to connect


What am I missing in my Connection Configuration?


Thanks a lot!


Willie Padin

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      If you look at the screens I inserted in the message, you could tell that I am not using Hermes. I am using ReadyAPI. Hermes doesnt work in my MAC due to incompatible libraries with EMS. Hermes in MAC expects JAVA 1.6 and TIBCO libraries are based on JAVA 1.7. So I am using the alternative of ReadyAPI. I have it all configured but I am having the mentioned errors above.





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        ReadyAPI talk to all JMS vendors using Hermes only.